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Dream Come True Events at your BBQ Beef Restaurant Oxnard presents this delicious BBQ Beef Short Ribs. An exclusive plate of tender, soft, and low beef ribs served with many other complementary dishes, including beef sticks, crispy beef fries, a unique beef dish covered with tomatoes, along with a bowl of healthy white rice. This unique set of food brings together a perfect combination of meals that will not only fulfill your stomach but also help you to eat food that will keep you healthy.

Most Popular Cuts of Beef

Beef short ribs are one of the most popular cuts of beef. They have sweet flavors and are very tender. However, that’s where the good news ends. Because these ribs have connective tissue and tendon, they need to be braised in liquid or better still smoked low and slow using a BBQ or smoker. They’re not something you should attempt when you’re in a rush. If you like your meat to be tender, then low and slow beef short ribs are something you need to try. These braised bones will tangle your senses as they melt in your mouth.

Have a Delicious Flavour

Beef ribs are one of the favorite cuts of meat for many people. Although being a special dish it’s not expensive and is something you’ll find yourself craving more than others. Beef short ribs are a classic, and with good reason, they’re delicious. But beef short ribs aren’t as simple to prepare as most people think. They require some planning and a lot of patience on your part, but in the end, you’ll love these bones once you get the hang of it. It requires a lot of expert hands to prepare the meal, and we have professionals who cook with the same caliber that gives it a perfect taste. Beef short ribs are great for BBQs and grilling. They’re inexpensive, offer a beautiful presentation, and have delicious flavors. Plus, the fat inside is something you don’t want to skip.

Wrapping Up!

This healthy plate contains all the essential nutrients required to stay fit. Also, it fades away the thought that healthy foods are not tasty because it brings along with them a taste of perfection. From children to adults, this dish is an all-time favorite option. Additionally, you will receive a free bottle of chilled Coca-Cola with your meal. Hence this dish is something that you must grab now. You can also connect us for any of your events, as we also provide the best event catering services in Oxnard. Our menu contains all special dishes that are mouth-watering.  So, hurry up and connect with us now to let us be your perfect Dream Come True Wedding Event catering partner.


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